During the Full Architectural Services track we build upon the previous conceptual design, developing and making decisions regarding important building information; for example: materiality, structure, and exterior and interior details. A structural engineer and any other required consultants are engaged during this time to begin systems coordination. We also recommend interviewing and selecting a contractor as early as possible to help provide pertinent budget feedback.

Once all major design decisions have been made, we produce a set of permit drawings that are submitted to the municipality's Building Review process (if applicable) and continue to produce even more detailed drawings that the Contractor will use for pricing/ build from during construction. We are available to help the client through pricing negotiations with the Contractor, and once a final project budget is agreed upon and a permit is issued, construction begins.

During construction we correspond with the Contractor to help provide any additional information needed. We also make regular site visits to act as the client's representative to ensure construction follows the intent of the Architectural drawings provided to the Contractor.